What we do
Knock Twice is a hybrid agency that goes beyond conventional communications: We're creative strategists, content experts, and media hackers. Our team has a proven record of bringing tech startups to market, growing user bases, building strong brands, and creating innovative content programs for some of the world's biggest companies. We're storytellers and brand engineers, and we love big ideas that serve a real purpose.
Our Philosophy
At Knock Twice, we believe honesty and relevance are the keys to connecting with any audience. The most important work we do is help our clients build real, credible narratives that drive genuine enthusiasm. We make noise, but speak easy. Shape your brand, instead of explaining it.
Who we are
The last thing the world needs is more PR people and advertisers. That's why we've assembled a team of non-agency types who solve problems, make things, and outwork everyone. Our team members have run some of the biggest tech news sites, worked on some of Wall Street's biggest deals, built their own startups, and launched huge events. And we're all embedded in the media and tech scenes in San Francisco and New York.
Mike Barash
Mike builds startup brands and helps tell their stories to the world. He likes whiskey & sharks, and if you don't believe that, just ask Twitter.
Colin Crook
Colin is a resource to those who tell stories about how technology affects humans. He is a connector. He is a master at understanding not everything is a fit, but that everything has its fit.
Jeff Lind
Jeff is a numbers guy. He specializes in mergers & acquisitions and financial valuation. His heart lives in operations, and digging into the details that make companies tick.
Kyle Monson
Kyle is a content strategist, editor, and tech journalist by training. He loves few things more than getting a bunch of creative people into a room with a big empty whiteboard.
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